Day Questions

I have read in many books that playing chess is prohibited, but people openly play chess in some places and sell chess boards. Is this indeed prohibited?

It is not permissible to play chess or sell its instruments (e.g. the chess board or the chess pieces).

Can you give me examples of ways to return to the marriage ties after divorce has taken place and during the waiting period?

This can be done by any expressions by which this is intended, such as saying: “You are my wife” or similar wordings. It can also be done by any action by which the man expresses his intent to return the marriage ties, like kissing her or placing his hand on her body or further acts of lust.

If one masturbates for some time and didn't know that he has to perform Ghusl because of the ejaculation; does he have to repeat all the fasting days and make up his prayers that he performed without the Ghusl?

Masturbation is a prohibited act and should be avoided with seeking forgiveness from the Almighty Allah and repenting to Him. The prayers that the person knows that he did after masturbating and before performing Ghusl should be repeated. It is not required to make up the fasts.

Does Islam reject violence?

Islam stressed on guarding the values of morality, wisdom and dialogue. Almighty Allah said: “Call unto the way of thy Lord with wisdom and fair exhortation, and reason with them in the better way” 16:125. The Prophet (peace be upon him and his holy progeny) said: “leniency is not used with anything and not made it better and is not striped from anything and made it worse”. And he also said: “Islam enchains betrayal, so a believer does not betray”. The teachings of Islam stressed on guarding lives and protecting innocent people and to avoid criminal actions and unjustified violence.