His Eminence, Al-Sayyid Al-Hakeem, receives the Romanian Ambassador in Iraq

His Eminence, Al-Sayyid Al-Hakeem, receives the Romanian Ambassador in Iraq

His Eminence, Grand Ayatollah Al-Sayyid Mohammed Saeed Al-Hakeem received the Ambassador of Romania in Baghdad, Mr. Iacob Prada, with his aides.

His Eminence advised on the importance of communication between communities, distant from political and personal motives, in order to embed great human values with societies, and to enable cooperation.

His Eminence also spoke of the role of Marji'iyyah and its complete independence, and its relationship with different levels of society.

The respected guest, Mr. Prada, expressed his gratitude in being able to visit Najaf and meet his Eminence, and he praised the fatherly role of Marji'iyyah for the Iraqi people and beyond.

Day Questions

Is mourning Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) permissible or recommended?

The commemoration of the Ahlulbait (Peace be upon them) is amongst the best deeds that the religious texts have emphasized on, and it is narrated that there are great rewards for those who perform it.

Is it prohibited for me – as a man – to work as a personal trainer in a gym?

It is not permissible for a man to work with females if it leads to skin contact with non-Mahram women, or it leads to sexual desire that results from looking at them.

Is it permissible to eat at western based fast-food chains in Muslim countries?

If they use meat from non-Muslim countries, then it is not permissible to eat there. If they use meat from Muslim countries, then it is permissible.

Is it true that if a person goes to a palmist (for hand reading) such person’s supplication is not answered for 40 days? If yes, what is the kaffarah for it? What is the ruling for going there in the first place?

It is not permissible to visit such people or believe in their information. Believing them is one of the great sins. It does not have a kaffarah. One should seek the forgiveness of Almighty Allah when he commits such a sin.