Day Questions

I live in a Sunni majority country. The government had announced that the Eid Fitr will fall on 30th Ramadan. As others in the neighborhood are Sunnis who follow the government announcement, we decided to not fast on 30th Ramadan to strengthen ties with them. Is it obligatory to us to go for a journey early morning on 30th Ramadan in order to break the fast that day and avoid the kaffara?

It is prohibited to break the fast during the month of Ramadan even for the mentioned reason. Yes, it is permissible to travel in order to break the fast. However, strengthening the ties of Muslim brotherhood does not require breaking the fast. One can greet them with the Eid felicitations and greetings while one is fasting.

Is a fish that is hunted and killed by a spear or harpoon lawful to eat?

If the fish dies outside the water then it is permissible to consume it. If it dies inside the water then it is prohibited to consume.