Day Questions

In relation to Sa’ee in Hajj, as you know the original section of the Sa’ee area has been made wider. Is it permissible to walk in this extended wider area when walking from Safa to Marwa?

If the government enforces the Sa’ee in such a way that one is not allowed to walk back and forth the way he could previously, then it is sufficient to perform the Sa’ee in the new added area. However, based on compulsory precaution, one should not walk from Safa to Marwa within five meters of the far right side.

If the Sun is seen through the window of a room, can it make the floor of my room tahir after it has become najis?

The Sun can make permanent flooring tahir, if the window is open and the sun is directly drying it, but it does not make the carpet and the moveable things tahir.

I know it is obligatory on one to support his father financially. If his father asks his son for money and the son finds out that his father is gambling with it, is it still obligatory on the son to give his father the money?

It is not obligatory on the son to pay money to his father to support him financially. He is obligated to provide sustenance to his father when the latter needs it. This can be done without actually giving him the money.

Is it allowed to prostrate on rough sand or it must be rigid?

It is permissible to prostrate during prayers on sand whether it is rough or rigid.