Day Questions

Is wearing earrings permissible for men?

It is prohibited for men to wear earrings if it is to imitate women with the intention of femininity.

Do I have to follow one Marja in a particular issue, or can I follow more than one in that issue, choosing one of their edicts?

If the edicts of the Marjas are different in any particular issue, one must follow the most knowledgeable. If his opinion is an obligatory precaution, one has a choice of following him by acting upon the precaution or referring to another Marja provided that the latter is more knowledge than the rest of the Marjas.

If I have done a temporary marriage contract with a man who is in different country, if we were to end the contract, how do we go on about that?

He can forgo the remaining time of the contract, and he can also assign the wife as his agent in forgoing the rest of the duration of the marriage.

Is it correct that a Muslim goes to hell and gets his punishment in hell for the bad things he did, and after his punishment he goes to paradise for his good deeds?

It is reported in some narrations of the Imams (peace be upon them) that a believer does not stay in hell for eternity, but is accounted for his sins in the grave or on the Sirat or by other means.