Day Questions

What is the ruling of touching a corpse's bone if it is covered with a thin insulating substance if:a) The dead has been given ghusl; b) The dead has not been given ghusl?

It is permissible to touch the dead, but if the body is cold and not given the ghusl then it is obligatory to perform ghusl of touching a dead body. The said ghusl is not required if the body was still warm or has been given the ghusl. Ghusl is not obligatory in all cases with the presence of a barrier between the hand and the deceased's body.

If a woman was pregnant for 10-15 days and she had an abortion, then will she be required to pay kaffarah, and how much?

It is obligatory to pay the kaffarah for committing abortion. It is the same as the kaffarah of deliberately taking the life of an adult, which is freeing a slave, feeding sixty needy believers, and fasting for two consecutive months.

I am Pakistani but working and living in Gulf country. Out of fear of losing my job, I have shown myself to be a Sunni. However, in the month of Ramadan, I find it extremely difficult to wait to break my fast after everybody has started to eat. Can I break the fast at the same time as my Sunni colleagues?

You can break your fast at the disappearance of the sun, which is when the Sunnis also break their fast. If they break their fast before that, and you did so with them out of fear, then your fast is valid.