Day Questions

My father is still alive and he has given some property to me. Now, my sisters say that they want inheritance. Is there any inheritance from a living person?

There is no inheritance from a living person. If you received the property and it became under your control, then you own it. It is not considered as part of your father’s inheritance after his death. If you did not receive it, then it is considered as inheritance after the death of your father.

I read a ruling on his Eminence’s website that it is not good to wipe your hands over your face after Dua, as it is disliked by our Imams (peace be upon them). Is it also disliked to wipe the hands over the face after finishing the prayer?

What has been mentioned on the website is the dislike of wiping the face specifically after Qunoot, not after other various kinds of supplications (du’as). It is recommended to wipe the face after every Du’a, except for the Qunoot as it is disliked. As for wiping the face after the prayer, we are not aware of a narration that encourages or discourages such an act.

When one starts washing or wiping a part and the previous parts have dried what happens?

If all the past wiped parts were dry because of a delay in the Wudhu process or being busy in other things, then the Wudhu is void. The Wudhu is not void if they were dry for another reason or if not all of them were dry.