Day Questions

I have heard that it is prohibited to cut ties with one's relatives. Is that true? Does this also include relatives who have left Islam, or mock it and its followers?

It is permissible to communicate with such people because there is a possibility that they might come back to the right path as a result of such ties. However, in some cases such communication encourages them to do wrong. Then, it becomes prohibited.

At what point can I consider one adil, so to accept him as a witness or in leading the congregational prayers? Is there a certain amount of time I must spend with him, or is it sufficient to spend a short amount of time but to feel generally sure of his adalah?

There is no specific time for this, but it depends on socializing for a usual period that is sufficient for the manifestation of goodness from him and the absence of ill deeds.

Participants in some mourning ceremonies shed blood. Is it recommended to do so?

Religious rituals that Shias perform to mourn the tragedies of the Imams of the Ahlulbait (peace be upon them) and to present the oppressions that they suffered are recommended. However, it is obligatory to avoid what causes harm to the soul or the body. If it does not result in harm, it remains being recommended. One should avoid performing them in a place where the reputation of the Shias is damaged.