Day Questions

If a woman is in her period, is there any restriction to the amount of Quran she may recite? Could she, for example, complete the entire Quran whilst on her period?

Such recitation is permissible although it is disliked, except that it is prohibited for her to recite the verses of prostration.

Can visible stubble on one’s face be consider as a beard? Is it permissible to keep such stubble without letting the hair grow any longer?

We cannot determine whether the said length of hair suffices for it to be considered a beard in the conventional sense. It is convention that will determine what a beard is. Apparently, the trimming undertaken at the lowest level of the conventional beard trimmer does not satisfy the minimum length of a beard.

Are war or revolutionary songs and music permissible?

If such music and singing is of the type that can arouse ‘tarab’, then it is prohibited to listen to; otherwise it is allowed. ‘Tarab’ means the psychological interaction with the music or singing, whether it leads to joy, sadness, pride or any other emotion.

What is the age limit for a baby to be allowed to be breastfed?

It is permissible to breastfeed the child even if he/she exceeds the age of two years.