Day Questions

Some religious chants and poetry are accompanied by music, and one feels attracted to them and react to them. Is this permissible?

It is prohibited to react with rapture to the music and the songs; it is not prohibited if the reaction is to the content only.

How should I explain to a Hindu friend that their food is najis? My Hindu friend has studied parts of Islam and he knows that the pig, dog, urine, blood, alcohol and a few other disgusting things are najis. He finds it offensive that I consider him and even his four-year-old child najis. Please provide ideas on how I can explain this to him.

Not all their food is najis. If their food is dry and they have not touched it with dampness, such as nuts or fruit, then they are not najis. You do not have to inform him of such a law. It is better to deal with him nicely and avoid dealing with such an issue.

If a married girl is not willing to continue her married life, if she runs away forever and does not return, will she be considered divorced or will she remain in wedlock to her husband?

Her running away is not sufficient as a divorce. She is still considered as married. We advise her to try to solve the conflicts with her husband with reason and wisdom, and avoid any actions that have negative consequences.