Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Al-Hakeem receives a Sufi group from the UK

Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Al-Hakeem receives a Sufi group from the UK

Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Mohammed Saeed Al-Hakeem received a Sufi group from the UK on Thursday, 2nd January 2020. He advised that the Muslims in all nations across the world to increase the dialogue, cooperation and affection amongst each other. He emphasized the importance of unity, through entrenching the commonalities and strengthening them.

His Eminence narrated to his guests the narration of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny): “Compassion has not been placed in something, but that it adorns it; and foolishness has not been placed in anything, but that it causes it disgrace.”

His Eminence called all Muslims to act upon the straight path shown by the Holy Quran and the teachings of the Prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny), with beautiful ethics, taking the Prophet as an example in how he was able to establish his personality amongst the polytheists, with his beautiful etiquettes and ethics.

Day Questions

What is your ruling on apostates who convert from Islam to another religion? In your expert opinion, is there a punishment? If so, what is it?

There is no doubt that they deserve a very high punishment in the Hereafter. Almighty Allah said: “As for those who disbelieve, their patrons are false deities. They bring them out of light into darkness. Such are rightful owners of the Fire. They will abide therein.” (2:257) The punishment in this life is not our duty.

Does your office help in with Tabligh activities?

The office has several religious propagation activities in a number of Muslim countries like Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran , Europe and other countries as per the available possibilities and capabilities. We ask the Almighty to guide us and all the active workers in the religious fields and to accept from us all these little contributions and forgive us for our shortcomings; He is indeed the Most Merciful.

Is it allowed to bury the dead in a coffin?

It is permissible to bury the body of the deceased in a coffin.

What is the ruling on the use of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) in agricultural and meat sources in Halal cosmetics and personal care products?

It is permissible to use them, unless it involves a major harm on one's health, in which case one must refrain from using them based on an obligatory precaution.