Day Questions

Why is death so harsh?

Since humans lived in this life, it becomes familiar to them. Death is unknown to them and scary but religious texts indicate that the outcome of a devotee is happiness. Starting from death, and when his soul gets transferred from this life, the angel of death will be kind to him and deal with him in kindness and compassion. As a person relates himself to such true concepts, his expectation from almighty Allah becomes more positive and the dark image about death becomes lighter.

What is the Islamic ruling on treasury bills? Treasury bills are given when you lend money to the government and expect it to be returned with interest at the end of a specified period.

It is permissible to make use of the treasury bills, and one must not intend to make a deal with the government, but rather intend to make use of this mechanism. When collecting the money, it should be on behalf of the religious ruler i.e. the Marja.

According to Shia Islamic law, does the woman have the right to divorce herself from her husband?

No, she does not have this right. However, if the wife stipulates a condition in the marriage contract that she will be his agent in her own divorce in such a way that she cannot be discharged from such an appointment and the husband agreed to this, then she can divorce herself on behalf of her husband. She can also divorce herself on behalf of her husband, if she makes it a condition in the marriage contract that if the husband travels and disappears during his travel, she will be his agent in reciting the divorce formula.

Can I perform wudhu for prayers by immersing the parts of wudhu in water, like in ghusl?

It is not necessary to use the hands in washing the face and arms during wudhu. It is valid to wash them by placing them under the tap directly, such that they are washed from the top downwards. It is also a condition of the wudhu to wipe the head and the feet with the dampness on the hand that originates from the wudhu process only, and not to allow the hand to become wet from other than that before wiping.In light of the above, before one proceeds to wiping the head and feet, one should ensure that a part of the left arm is unwashed before using the right hand to wash the left arm, in order for the right hand to have only the water of wudhu on it. Otherwise, the water on the right hand might be extra water and wiping with it will invalidate the wudhu.