Day Questions

While having a meal in restaurants, If the waiter or the manager tells us that the fish has scales, can we believe him and eat the fish?

It is permissible to rely on whoever possesses the fish, if they have not been accused of lying, or there is no other reason to believe in their dishonesty.

Ziarat-e-Ashura is recommended to be recited for 40 days continuously. My question is Can a woman recite the ziarat during her menstrual cycle? At the end of the ziarat, there is one sajdah. If a woman does choose to recite the ziarat during her menstrual cycle, what does she have to do when she has to prostrate?

The mentioned ziyara is recommended every day and not only on a continuous 40 days. Yes, it is known to believers that reciting it continually is amongst the reasons to answer the requests in the supplications. The woman in her period can recite the ziyara without praying the two rakat prayers; she can do the rest including the prostration.

Is Takbeeratul-Ihram obligatory in the beginning of every prayer?

Yes, it is a fundamental part of every prayer.