The Press Release on the Events in Azerbaijan

The Press Release on the Events in Azerbaijan

The Press Release on the Events in Azerbaijan

Day Questions

What is the ruling for applying a hair replacement system in the form of an adhesively applied wig for men? Will it invalidate the wudhu and ghusl due to impeding the water?

If such a process leads to growing hair in such a way it is considered as part of the body, then it is sufficient to wipe on it. If what is placed on the head is a wig, then it is not sufficient in wudhu or ghusl to wipe on it.

I am Vietnamese revert to Shia school. I was studying in a Sunni school and have a great level. Can I wear the amamah (turban) and spread the Shia teachings in Vietnam?

May Allah guide you to doing good deeds and make you one of the preachers of the true religion and amongst those who act in this way, as this is one of the greatest deeds that makes one closer to Almighty Allah. Wearing the amamah for the Shias is done after one studies the religious knowledge in the Shia seminaries such as that in Qom and Najaf.

My niece is seeking divorce from her husband. At the time of the wedding two years ago, she received jewelry as gifts from her in-laws. They now want to take the gifts back. Are they allowed to seek this gift back?

If the relatives of the husband are her relatives as well, like cousins, then they are not allowed to take the gifts back. If they are not her relatives and the gift items were not used, then they are entitled to have them back.