Day Questions

Are Muslims allowed to wear leather jackets or belts that are not made by Muslims?

It is permissible to wear it except in prayers. It is considered to be Najis so one should purify whatever it touches with dampness, like if one touches it with wet hands.

A person works in a company, in which a part of his work is related to interest-based activities. Will all his income become unlawful or the part of it?

If one of the elements of his work involves forming interest-based contractual agreements (e.g. drafting them) or ask the customer to pay the interest, then his earnings pertaining to that part of his work is unlawful.

There is a verse in Quran “Rabul mashariqein w rabul magrebain" - Lord of the two Easts, and Lord of the two Wests". 55:17 What is the logic behind this?

It could mean the plurality of places of sunrise and sunset as per its revolution in one day. It could also mean the numerousness of sunrise and sunset places with respect to the horizon seen by the individual in his/her site place during the year as the places of sunrise and sunset are numerous in the seen horizon during the year.

There is a substance widely used in the food market – for example, in cakes and muffins – called Glycerol (Glycerine), as a humectant or sweetener. Can I eat the cake if it contains this substance?

If the said material contains a substance prohibited to consume then it is prohibited to consume it; otherwise, it is permissible to consume.