Day Questions

What is the clothes of ‘Shuhrah’?

It is a strange and unusual clothing that is not acceptable socially in a clear way for such a person to wear.

I am a new female convert and am wondering if it is permitted to wear clear nail polish and mascara. Also, am I permitted to wear color or am I only permitted to wear black.

It is not permissible for a woman to show her embellishment to non-Mahram men, other than applying kohl, wearing a ring or a bracelet. It is permissible to wear colored clothes.

My paternal uncle passed away recently. He did not have any children of his own, and none of his brothers and sisters are alive either. He does have nephews and nieces, including us. He has five nieces (myself and my sisters) from one brother, two nephews and a niece from another brother, and two nephews and three nieces from a sister. How will the inheritance be divided?

The inheritance is divided into five shares: two shares for you and your sisters equally, two shares for the offspring of your uncle, the males receiving twice as much as the females, and one share for the offspring of your aunt, the males receiving twice as much as the females.