Day Questions

Is it allowed to bury the dead in a coffin?

It is permissible to bury the body of the deceased in a coffin.

How does one purify his heart from the darkness of the sins?

Repentance, which is regretting the committing of sins and the determination to refrain from them in the future, is one of the means of the mercy of Almighty Allah. Seeking forgiveness from Almighty Allah and continuing to do so whenever one remembers the sin helps the purification of the heart. Performing the good deeds leads to the cleanliness of the heart as well. Almighty Allah said: “Good deeds annul ill-deeds” (11:114).

If a son dies and we do not know if his father died before or after him, how is the inheritance distributed?

If the time of the son’s death is known and the time of the father’s death is unknown, then in this case, the father inherits the son and not vice versa.