نظراً لعدم ثبوت رؤية هلال شهر شوال بحجة شرعية لدى سماحة المرجع الديني الكبير السيد الحكيم (مد ظله) سيكون عيد الفطر المبارك يوم الاثنين ان شاء الله تعالى

Day Questions

Is it permissible for the wife in a temporary marriage to end the marriage by forgoing the remaining time of marriage?

The time in the said marriage is the right of the husband and only he can forgo it. But it is permissible for the wife to make a condition in the contract that she acts on his behalf in this matter. She can then forgo the remaining time.

Is playing in a sports tournament allowed, in which each team or participant pays an entry fee, and there are prizes for winners and runners-up?

If there is an agreement between the competitors that each one of them pays an entry fee, in addition to a condition that the winner will receive a prize, then this agreement is prohibited. If the agreement was to pay a specific amount of money to the organizing committee for participating in the tournament, and the organizing committee has control over the collected monies in managing the game, without putting a condition that obligates the committee to give a prize to the winner(s), but the committee gives the prize as a gift without any obligation, then the agreement in this form is permissible.

Is wearing earrings permissible for men?

It is prohibited for men to wear earrings if it is to imitate women with the intention of femininity.

Is it allowed to rub one's hands on one's face after Qunoot in obligatory prayers?

Yes, it is permissible, but it was reported in texts narrated by the Ahlul-bait (peace be upon them) that it is not recommended.